Mt. Toppin provides the highest quality CBD products to help runners reduce pain, recover faster, and improve overall performance.

Whether you’re running your first 5K or your 50th 100-miler, it’s a great feeling when you hit your goal and hit the peak you’ve been reaching for. That’s what Mt. Toppin wants to help you achieve. There are no short-cuts when it comes to running though. You have to put in the miles, cross-train, and focus on rest and nutrition. CBD is not a magic substance to make you faster and take away all your pain - pain will always be part of running - CBD is a tool in your tool-kit that helps your performance and enhances the training you’ve done. Used with proper rest, stretching, cross-training, and nutrition regimens, it can play a huge role in improving recovery and performance of your next race or performance. 

When you support Mt. Toppin, you are supporting New York farmers. Mt. Toppin is the highest peak of my hometown in Upstate New York and is only a few miles from where Mt. Toppin hemp is grown, outside in the sunshine. We’re transparent on the quality and content of every CBD product so you know exactly what you’re getting and who is part of the supply chain.

When’s your next race? What’s time are you aiming to beat? What mountain top are you reaching for? Join the pack of runners who rely on Mt. Toppin to help them perform better and run longer. You’ll be glad you did.