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How much CBD oil should I take as a runner?

Everyone is different in their response to CBD. It can take around a week to start to feel the benefits of taking CBD oil daily. We generally recommend that you start "low and slow" with your dosage, and work up to a higher dose as needed. If you don't take enough, you won't realize the benefits of CBD. There are no negative side-effects of taking too much other than you'll waste your product. You don't get any "extra" benefits from taking more. For a point of reference, you may be taking around 20-80mg of CBD oil per day. One study gave people over 1500mg of CBD in one dose with no significant negative side-effects.

When I first tried CBD, it was about a week before I ran my first marathon ever. I did just about everything wrong, including only running 20-30 miles/week and doing the longest run I'd ever done in my life, a 23-miler, 6 days before the race. Typically you do your "long run" in preparation for a marathon about 6 weeks before the race. I finished that run around 9pm and could barely walk after - I had to take a taxi back to the gym. That night, I took 25mg of CBD. While I was pretty sore the next day, I could walk up and down stairs fine and wasn't nearly as roughed up as I thought I'd be. That was what first sparked my interest in using CBD for running.

Here are a few important factors in deciding how much CBD to try:
-Your body weight
-Level of desired effect
-Concentration of CBD in each dropper


For a moderate effect from CBD Oil:
80-120 lbs
120-190 lbs
  >190 lbs
25 mg/day

For a stronger effect:
80-120 lbs
120-190 lbs
>190 lbs
50 mg/day
100 mg/day

CBD in each Mt. Toppin CBD Oil bottle:
1 drop
1/2 dropper
1 dropper
.05 mg
10 mg
20 mg
1 mg
20 mg
40 mg